During the COVID19 crisis we have understood the importance of online learning, especially for vulnerable groups for whom is essential to respect preventive measures and stay home. So, what to do for seniors who want to learn a language? The answer is online language classes.

Many language schools are getting organized to provide this kind of service to their older learners. An international team of expert in language learning, based in France, has developed the MosaLingua learning method. MosaLingua is an online language learning method for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets and computers that is based on universally recognized cognitive science principles (Spaced Repetition System, Active recall, Pareto’s law), allowing students to optimize their learning experience by revising only when necessary.

Besides the online learning methodology, MosaLingua also applies a teaching method based on memory theories. To get information into our long-term memory, we must space out the revisions over time according to a schedule that is different for each person and each concept to be memorized. For example, the first time 5 minutes after, then 7 hours after, then 3 days after, then 10 days, then 1 month, until the word is in long-term memory. This schedule is calculated from the forgetting curve, which allows you to have a concept revised just before you forget it, by spacing out the revisions little by little (ref. Bahrick & Phelps).

MosaLingua is also a blog dedicated to self-study language learning in which a team of passionate multilingual professionals share their best tips, resources and techniques for learning and improving learners’ language skills.

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