MEANING – Press release

Our project comes to its end!

Last week, the partnership met in Poznan, Poland, in the city of our coordinator for the last transnational partners’ meeting. Each member organisation of the MEANING project was represented to discuss the final elements of the project implementation. The partners were able to list the last elements to be finalised in order to close this great project.

During its 27 months of implementation, the partners worked on the development of the following resources :

  • IO1 FRAMEWORK & REASEARCH : Identification of the needs and expectations of teachers and senior citizens in relation to language learning and teaching. Under the coordination of the French partner, the consortium conducted research and interacted with the project’s target population during in depth interviews and focus groups. The result of this work is available at the following link:
  • IO2 GUIDELINES FOR TEACHING ADULTS – METHODOLOGY, LEARNING STRATEGIES/TECHNICS, IDEAS : Under the coordination of the Lithuanian partner, the partners developed guidelines for teachers on the specificities of teaching older learners. The handbook provides theoretical content as well as practical tips and activity sheets; it is available by following this link :
  • IO3 READY TO USE CARDS: Under the coordination of the German partner, the consortium has developed a card game with activities that can be used directly in language lessons with senior citizens. It is a ready-to-use teaching resource which, we hope, will support teachers and trainers!

All the learning resources created have been tested with teachers and older learners in pilots organised in all the partner countries, allowing a full adaptation of the materials to the needs of the two target populations of the project.

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We have enjoyed working together to develop these resources and hope you will like them and find them useful!